Ultimately the name of the game is power, or more accurately, energy. That is, EVERYTHING is all manifestation of energy.
While reading the (internal power exercise (KÒfokis), keep the following two things in mind:

1. There are Four (4) levels of manifestation of energy.

We generally recognize four levels of manifestations of energy: spiritual, biological, psychological, and social. Within social we have three components: behavior, group, and environment. Sub-types of social power include: economic, political, and cultural.

2. There are Three (3) heads (or states) of the mind and they allow for three levels of accessing.

1st – Knowing (facts/information– one dimensional), feeling

2nd – Believing (values/emotion–2 dimensional). Believing in something has both information and emotion components.

3rd – Experience (power -3 dimensional) Power is accessed, by experiencing it. The more we experience something, the more we become that thing. It is not enough to just know (of) power. It is not enough to believe (in) power. We have to experience it. Experience is the means by which we develop a relationship with power (3-dimensional accessing).

The inadequacy that the internal power exercise (KÒfokis) is correcting is that at present there are no societal institutions that adequately and systematically connect us to our power (being).

Connecting with power needs to be (1) from inside out and (2) an experience (not just an understanding or a belief).

Each week we can come to create community social process around this central identity, which is THE unifying identity:

The Power of ONE  — The Power of ALL

When we place this exercise on our schedules daily, it forces us into the conversation of what is more important. We give priority. This is essentially an integrity unit conversation. Not living our life within integrity/alignment with our infinite power is THE root contributor of ALL our human challenges.

From a clinical point, connecting with our power can be part of treatment for for depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, domestic violence, and substance use, to name just a few. Indeed, inadequate connection to power is the root cause of all our health and human services challenges.




It’s totally up to you.

Clear your mind for an hour and experience infinity,

 be one with infinity.


The exercise is simple. Take 7-60 minutes a day being present to (experiencing) infinite power, what ever that means to you. It is not about thinking, reflecting, or analyzing power, it is not about talking to (prayer), emoting (singing) to power. It is about being present to power, experiencing power.

You can do it alone, with a lover, with friends and family. It can be in a group, in community. You can do it in silence. You can do it with music in the background. You could light incense. You could smudge the place. You could do it in the dark, or light a candle, or keep the lights on.

You sit, stand, or lie down. You can be naked, in pajamas, or suited up. You can be in front of your altar, in your bathtub or in your backyard. You could be on the beach at night. You can practice the exercise on your rooftop beneath the stars. You can pray or chant beforehand. Whatever comes to you,do it.

One technique is to stay quiet, eyes closed. Breathe in, and breathe out the infinite, while at the same time, looking into infinity.

You will likely find that your mind shifts to thinking (1st head), or to an emotion (2nd head). That’s ok. Slowly bring it back to the experiencing (3rd head).

It may also be helpful to count each complete deep breath. While counting technically engages the 1st head (information) it also aligns the activity of that head with the 3rd head being present to the experience of infinity. It does not matter if you lose your count. Just go back to the last count you remember. This also allows measurement of your progress.

Remember, slowly breath in infinity DEEPLY, and breathe out FULLY, while at the same time looking into infinity DEEPLY while counting your breaths.

For most, it will take about an hour for the other heads of the mind to quiet down. It’s like trying to get into a third gear; you have to move through the two before it first.

Focusing on your breath, breathing in really deeply, exhaling fully, and having your eyes closed while looking into infinity are all things that may help to keep you on track.

This is recommended as a 12-week exercise. During the first several weeks it is not so much important what happens during the practice. Just making room for the exercise on your schedule begins the relationship and prioritizes the process of internal power in your life.

The need to connect to power is fundamental to human existence, across ALL cultures. This is human beings going green: Connecting with infinite source of energy.

iCan change the world.

Let’s build community together in the power of ONE, the Impact ALL.


 Accessing individual power as the building block to deconstructing societal injustices Living from the core as the foundation of human culture