Psychocultural Infrastructures

Psychocultural Infrastructures: A Missing Focus in Community Systems—Implications for Public Health


HCP: The Human Potential Technology

Michel Sacha Vington, M.D.: “Human Core\Community Process (HCP) Technology: Connecting the Dots-- Health and Human Services, Community Empowerment , and Civic engagement--Implications for Public Health."


Psychocultural Capital

Michel Sacha Vington, M.D.:  “Psychocultural Capital:  The Clinical Aspect of Capitals—Implications for Public Health.”  (Coming soon)


Social Health Club (SHC)

Michel Sacha Vington, M.D.: “Social Health Club (Esegecee): An Example of Prevention Clinic—Implications for Public Health. (Coming soon)


Integration of Capitals

Michel Sacha Vington, M.D.: “Towards an Integration of Capitals–Implication for Public Health. (Coming soon)


Bonds That Bind, or Don’t

Michel Sacha Vington, M.D.: “The Bonds That Bind, or Don’t: Social Capital, HIV Prevention and MSM of African Descent—Implications for Public Health.

(Coming soon)