Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process  (HKP) and Motivation Science


Life is the Olympics of Manifesting Greatness…

At times is can be very serious, as are the Olympics.

And like the Olympics …  Let’s remember, it is still a game.

Let’s make it fun. Let’s do it with technology…one block at a time.

Supported by the modern sciences like quantum physics,

epigenetics, and motivation science, HKP connect the dots.


  • Accession of Power (Effective)
  • Integrative–Spirito-Bio-Psycho-Social (Integrative)
  • Root-Cause Analysis (Efficiency)
  • Modern Science Basis (e.g. quantum physics and epigenetics)
  • Applicable (Relevant/Consequential)
  • Culturally Specific and General
  • Intersectional (Relatable to all social identity communities)
  • Generalizable (Scalable)
  • Accessible at the individual’s level of  function
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Cost Efficiency


The SCIENCE of motivation tells us that there are four ways to motivate: ALL human interventions/interactions function in one or more these cells.  Cell-I is to motivate by giving a reward. The exact scientific/clinical language is random-positive-reinforcement. The primary consequence of us not being able to function in Cell-I is that we function in Cells II-IV, which are fear-based. Cell II is the fear of receiving a punishment, cell III is the fear of losing a reward, cell IV is the fear of not having a punishment removed.  Please Note: Reward and punishment refers to being above or below baseline, respectively.

It is important to note that Cell-I is the cell of giving a reward randomly: A reward happening randomly is the probability equation of hope.  Arguably, this is the highest level of motivation. Cell-I combines mathematics (random), science (motivation) and spirituality(hope). This is the science behind the thinking “If one is not living in hope, one is, by default, living in fear.” Overwhelmingly, most of our human functions operate in Cells II-IV. Focus on cells II- IV, motivation out of the fear of a punishment added or punishment of losing something one wants is the premise of the health and human services industry, and thereby the scientific basis of its failings.

For example, one comes to a doctor/lawyer/social worker to take away one’s problems. With the subtext that if one does not go to these professionals one’s problem is going to remain.  There this is cell-IV. Here we see we have a multibillion-dollar industry operating in the functionally wrong cell.  Cell-II is the cell of preventing a punishment.  This is prevention.  One notes that even prevention is fear-based. Moving human process from Cells II-IV to Cell-I of motivation science is the CLINICAL definition of humanity evolution.



Integrative Psychiatric Medicine

Are you struggling with issues related to trauma, grief, addiction, anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts, or other major life changes? There comes a time when we need some help from a certified professional to help cope with many of life’s challenges.  I am a New York State licensed physician specializing in psychiatric medicine,  through our medical division, VAyaKLINIK, PC,  I am here to join your team of you mastering your human process.

The field mental health, which includes psychiatric-medicine, purports an integrative (bio-psycho-socio) approach to taking on human challenges from the individual to the societal, indeed, to the global level. However, it can be argued, that while modern psychotherapy touts the principle of “strength-based” it has failed:  One cannot have a   strength-based paradigm which does not include structure of power.  By failing to systematically and rigorously include power in its application, modern clinical science has failed on its own terms.

Grounded in modern clinical and academic sciences with over 25 years of  community psychiatric experience,   I have added spirito- to the standard bio-psycho-social model to provide a more fully integrated approach to mental health. Our  goal at VAyaKLINIK  is to support you in developing your understanding of the model of being human that works best for you, and to  guide you in mastering  the mechanics of that model at the level of your ability.  Essentially,  we would be using health as the framework of you becoming a more skilled engineer of your life.

 VAyaKLINIK  is unique in providing human TECHNOLOGY, Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process  (HKP) Technology, to help you align the four parts of being human: Spirit (Core/Essence), body, mind, and social (group, environment, and behavior). Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process  (HKP)  is a tool that promotes mind-discipline by providing exercise-routines for the mind, allowing one to better align one’s mind and one’s behaviors with one’s core. One’s core can be regarded as that part of us which connects with each other, and  with the rest of the universe. By being able to more systematically access one’s core, one is then able to make more powerful life choices


Psychiatric  Screening: This screening engagement is designed to determine to quickly help determine if you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health problem.  Please note, these screening tools are NOT official diagnoses and should not be taken as medical advice.  If you believe you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health problem, please take make an intake appointment and/or consult you health care provider.  If you feel this is an emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room.   $125.00

Psychiatric Intake: The purpose of a psychiatric intake interview is to establish a therapeutic relationship with the patient to collect , and to begin to organize and formulate a differential diagnosis and treatment plan. $275.00

Psychiatric Evaluation:  A psychiatric evaluation is  a more comprehensive evaluation result in a formal differential diagnosis and treatment plan. Cost: $375

Psychiatric Consultations:  A psychiatric consultation is a evaluation provided at the request of a third party.    This evaluation is to be integrated in the context for which the evaluation was requested.  e.g. Court ordered evaluations. $450.

Medication Management:  Medication management is where medication alone is the service being provided by the psychiatrist, either because this is a long-term patient who has already received a full course of therapy, or the therapy is being provided by another clinician.  $225

Individual Therapy: $225.00

Couple/Partner Therapy: $375.00

Family Therapy: $450.00

Group Therapy:$175.00



  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Domestic Violence
  • Substance (including tobacco, smoking, and alcohol)
  • Schizophrenia/Psychosis
  • Social-Sexual Identity (*LGBTQ)
  • Self-Esteem
  • Reentry

(*LGBTQSGLTSIA = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Same Gender Loving, Two-Spirited Intersexual, Asexual)

Supervision and Trainings

VAya invites you  to be partners in passion.  We are defining and formalizing the designation of societal engineers: making the world a better place. We are offering training for you to uniquely meet societal goals and address societal needs at the root-cause-analysis (RCA) using human technology:  Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process  (HKP).

  • Artists
  • Assistants
  • Case Managers
  • Community Workers
  • Life Coaches
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Media Professionals
  • Mental Health Clinicians
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Pastoral Counselors
  • Physicians/Psychiatrist
  • Project Managers
  • Social Workers
  • Spiritualist
  • Teachers
  • Underemployed

Human Potential: Field of Study and Training–

Manifesting Greatness Courses


“Human Potential: A core discipline in a world as a global community, and humans as global citizenry. Human Potential … Evolution of Clinical Sciences. ” Dr. Ougan SachaVi, June 21, 2020,

Human Potential is the academic and clinical discipline of being manifestations of the INFINITE. The formalization of Human Potential as a discipline can contribute to the catalization of the evolution of humanity by formatting our human and humanity structures to better access who and what we are and to manifest sustainability at a higher vibration.



The purpose of this course is to begin the formal structuring of Human Potential as an academic and clinical discipline providing accreditations from elementary to high-school certificates to post-doctoral fellowships.


Clinical Treatment

This course is also integrated into a clinical treatment intervention (Individual, group, family therapy) covering a wide spectrum of clinical condition and diseases. As such, cost may be (partially) covered by your insurance as an out of network expense. As part of psychiatric management, medication can also be included.


Possible Uses:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Staff Development
  3. Organizational Development
  4. Community Development
  5. Business Development
  6. Civic Engagement
  7. Campaign Development


  1. Why take this course: Better access, articulate and manifest your essence and purpose–Take life to a next level, local to globally.
  1. Why present this course to your community? Share the benefits of a scientifically-based tool, systematic language to access and articulate essence and purpose, and effect manifestations INTENTIONALLY, as individuations of INFINITE us, as us, and through us.

Duration: 12 Weeks

Prerequisite: Be


Part: Concurrent Activities

  • Growth Journal
  • Rituals
  • Business Plan
  • Project Journal
  • Academic Journal
  • Readings (See suggested reading below)

Part B: Lectures

  1. Infinity Manifested: Why are you here?
  2. Invest in Self Engagement
  3. Know Thyself Engagement
  4. Culture and Personal Rituals
  5. Motivation Science
  6. Power of Me
  7. Integrative Analysis
  8. Power•Passion•Purpose• People• Passion–5 Principles
  9. Intentional Family/ Community
  10. Globe as Intentional Community; Humans as Global Citizenry
  11. Project Management
  12. Developing YOUR Manifestation Clinic


Lead Facilitator: Dr. Michel AleXenDRE-Sacha Vington, MD                                             Integrative (Community) Psychiatric Medicine Practitioner &                                                        Human Potential Industrialist




Mastering life is not so much about reading yet another book, it’s more about developing your own manual, the basis of which is living it.”

The objective of this course is to introduce you to Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY **Process (HKP) technology, which is scientifically based tool to CLINICALLY access who and what you are, and to develop an actionable (business) plan around that manifestation. Clinically, to develop YOUR life-manifesting (greatness) treatment plan.


Analytical Basis:

LOVE is the basis of ALL, and Fear, inadequate accession of love, is the basis of ALL our challenges as humans.


In doing a gap-analysis of our major societal institutions 1. Family, 2. Educational system, 3. Workplace, 4. Houses of worship/religions, and 5. Sports/entertainment) in their CLINICAL ability to support us to connect to our (infinite) power as human, it has been determined that each of these major institutions are CLINICALLY lacking in their ability to get us to function from our power. In this function, I refer to these institutions as psychocultural infrastructures to put them on par with economic infrastructure and political infrastructure.


HKP Tool:

Human KÒre\ KÒmUNITY Process (HKP) …                                          Technology of Be-DO-have is born in BedStuy-TUBMAN Village, Brooklyn, NYC


Human KÒre/KÒmUNITY Process (HKP)…Human Technology of Be-DO-have. Supported by the modern sciences like Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, and Motivation Science, and Project Management HKP connect the dots.


HKP Scientific Basis:

Motivation Science




WE ALL HAVE A CAUSE: In one form or another, the majority of us share the calling of making the world a better place. In this sense, we are all social workers. In modern context, we are all global workers.

We can DO better, however. When we add technology, we become Societal Engineers: Making the world a better place with technology. This becomes the human journey. And each of us creating her path in that journey is individual destiny.


Life … Olympics of Manifesting Greatness                                                 At times LIFE can be very serious, difficult, and even painful, as can be the Olympics.                                 And like the Olympics… Let us remember, it is still a game. Let us make it fun.                                      Let’s do it with technology, HKP…one block at a time.


Course Description:

During this 12-week period you will be provided with the CLINICAL structure to develop the mind-muscle to better manifest your greatness. We will go through mathematics, basic, clinical and social sciences, as well as the application of manifesting your greatness.

A key point of this course is that most of the course-content is coming from you. This approach honors a fundamental pedagogical principle of teaching from inside-out. In that sense the teaching that is being offered is not so much about providing you with external information, but much more about removing the structures, internal and external, that are hampering your ability to access AND manifest



  • Power–Infinite
  • Passion– Co-Connection Consciousness; Respond with LÖve.
  • Purpose–Service to Humanity
  • People– Multiple Stakeholder: “Do on to others …”
  • Profit–Manifesting Sustainably (Project Management/Capitalized/Monetized)

Course Benefits:  It is what YOU make it.

Course Cost:

  1. Group $12,000 and Individual, $21,000-$33,000

This course is also integrated into a clinical treatment intervention (Individual, group, family therapy) covering a wide spectrum of clinical condition and diseases. As such, cost may be (partially) covered by your insurance as an out-of-network provider. As part of psychiatric management, medication can also be included. Need-based financial assistance is available.

Suggested Reading/Audible:

  1. The Power of Now, TOLLE, Eckhart
  2. The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, HARTMANN, Thom
  3. Becoming Supernatural, DISPENZA, Dr., Joe
  4. Ti Limyè Sou Vodou, Carl Desmornes
  5. Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch
  6. Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, DeGRUY, Ph.D., Joyce
  7. I Am the Word, SELIG, Paul
  8. Law of Attraction, ABRAHAM-HICKS
  9. Inner Engineering, SADHGURU
  10. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, HARIRI, Yuval Noah
  11. Foods of the Gods, McKenna, Terrence
  12. The Pleasure Trap,  Lisle, Ph.D, Douglas J. and Goldhammer, D.C. Alan


Humanity at a Crossroad:

These times are an invitation to manifest greatness . . .

Humanity is at a crossroad calling for more than our collective, calling for our synergizing presence …

“WE are the ones we have been waiting for… WE are the hands of GOD.” WE are . . .  Dr. SachaVi, 06/21/21)


KÒmUNITY Empowerment

I. Bedstuy-KÒmUNITY Transformation Group (KTG) : Building KÒmUNITY in-Beyond Diversity (BKiBD)

(KÒ/KÒre=Core= the part of us which connects us with each other

and with the rest of the universe/multiverse)

I would like you to invite YOU, Bedstuy residents AND friends, to help build a community in diversity by being part of developing a pilot program in community empowerment and transformation.  The goal of Bedstuy-KTG is to make Bedstuy-TUBMAN Village, Brooklyn, NYC a flagship of community transformation and civic engagement national by developing a program that that promotes individual function their cores so that they can make more powerful life choices.

“That which connects us is so much bigger than that which ‘diversify’ us.” Dr. SachaVi, Circa 2011

As a primary focus, this project will introduce the applied and clinical aspect of “movement work,” based on the understanding that fear is at the root of ALL of our challenges as humans. That is because fear is the flipside of us not being able to adequately connect with our power as humans, individually and collectively.  It is fear which supports the notion that we are separate as humans, a false notion, which is being re-codified as “diversity” in effect.

In addition, among other things, and more specific to Bedstuy, this presentation/workshop will address the opportunity that “gentrification” has brought to our door. “Gentrification” denotes at least two points: (1) The original inhabitants were not “gents,” This speaks to our culture of human value, and (2) The action of the minority can define the community.  The latter speaks to the relative “inaction” of the majority. A principal vehicle of KTG in Bedstuy-Brooklyn is the infusion of holistic principles into health and human services.  We are terming this KÒlisticism, holistics from the KÒre.

Bedstuy: A Bedrock for Community Empowerment. 


II. KÒèBON-Blacks Living from the KÒre

Black Lives Matter(BLM) Operationalized . . . Moving Beyond Race

What does being BLAK have to do with the evolution of the human race?

S T R U C T U R A L                   R A C I S M

Structural racism is both structured and amorphous

It can be invisible at the same time ubiquitous.

  It is long term-standing  in the birth of the nation,

and immediate as a stop and frisk. It is planned, and it is random.

 It is foreign,  and most of all more than domestic,  it is fanilial

 You see, racism is low-consciousness around race.                                                                                          

    In its familiarity, I will take mine in black to go. 

Dr. SachaVi, Feb

Honor of the ELDERS that effected the movement Black Lives Matter (BLM).  Having done that, put out the call so effectively, let us now operationalize it into actionable items:

 A. LIVING BLACK LIVES MATTER: What makes black lives matter (BLM)? The more exact question would be ‘Who make black lives matter?’ It is BLAK people that make black lives matter. The question that we are to be asking, answer, and taking action on is: Are we each living our lives at the level to make black lives matter.  This offers the operationalization of the call to BLM into a concreate action item: Living each our lives at a level to make black lives matter.

B. TRANSMUTATION OF STRUCTURAL RACISM: If we so believe that civilization started in Africa, how is that it is the African-descent nations who are on the receiving-end of global economic welfare?  With all due respect and honor, the Civil Rights Movement being an extension the Ayisyen Revolution (Ayibobo), the message for me here: we have spent a lot of time and effort on “getting them to do the right thing.”  In the equation of life, which is the variable over which one has the greatest control?  Is it not oneself?  I did not have the language of structural racism back in in the late 1990 when the term psycho-cultural infrastructure first came to me.  I am only now realizing that I was in fact addressing the structural racism by analyzing the clinical inadequacies of societal infrastructures, which are our institutions.  See website, tab-Literature, subtab-publications: “Psycho-Cultural Infrastructures … A Missing Focus in Community Systems.”

C. RACISM AS A TREATABLE CLINICAL DISEASE: The most central public mental health concern to this Nation in general, and to African Americans in particular, is racism. Yes, racism is a mental health issue. What is the state of mind that is costing us the most? What is the mind state that threatens the human-race? I am opening with racism because that will catch your attention. But racism is the color IT takes just one day of the week. On another day it is classism, another day sexism, xenophobia, homo/transgender phobia, another day able-centrism. Yes, IT can take a different color and a different name each day.  And what is the IT. The IT is FEAR.

My dear colleagues as health and community affairs professionals, indeed as a nation, we have not adequately addressed RACISM as a clinical disease. And I dare say as a treatable clinical disease. As a treatable clinical disease treatable from the individual and on the global level. My dear colleagues the public in public psychiatry is humanity. And we are here: at the door to take on hatred as the clinical disease that it is. And #45 offers the keyhole. His blessings, and i mean blessings, operationalize the point that the states of mind that is costing us the most, and is literally a threat to our human existence, is not schizophrenia, it is not substance use. It is not any of the diagnoses that are found in our formal diagnostic manuals.

Dear Colleagues, the biggest public mental health challenge is fear in all-of-its manifestations.

 ‘If it’s what is best for the public, we can make it doable.’ Dr. SachaVi, Circa 1994

 I ask you: Can we do this? Can we operationalize the treatment of fear as a global public health problem?  Yes.  We can!


III. IMANITE&Ayiti, 2010 . . .  Building the Ayisyen Bonds

When Ayiti declared its independence it redefined humanity.  We have the opportunity AND obligation to do this again today.  But first we must redefine what it means to be Ayisyen.

Our ancestors told us WHAT to do . . . Build a union

IMANITE&Ayiti is teaching us HOW . . . Keep LèAyisyen


IV. KÒnFÒ: Human Hospitality from the KÒre . . .

The hospitality industry is in fact the industry of being human: “treat thy neighbor as thy self.” As such, the fear-based social and economic injustices that presently exist within that industry are in fact measures of the in-humanness in our human-society in general.  In its capturing of these measures, the hospitality industry with the sub-components of nutrition, self-care, and leisure, maybe the strongest industry to remedy our human-ills at a most fundamental level.  Human Hospitality Industry as Vehicle for Humanity Evolution.


V. KÒmUNITY KÒmers . . . KÒmUNITY Wealth Building …

Wealth for the Greater Good …

Working for Each Ourselves TOGETHER …

An IntentionALL Family Businesses


KÒmUNITY KÒmers has as its primary objection the INTENTIONall linking of local business to the consciousness of global sustainability, adopting the multiple stakeholder 5-Principles model:

  • Power
  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • People
  • Profit


VI. TRANSformation-X . . .

Towards the Liberation of Human Consciousness . . . In Realignment of the Prison-Industrial-Complex—

The United States of America is the most migrated-to nation in the world. As such, the U.S. is the most representative country of the human-race, and by extension of humanity, and the human process.  Within the U.S., the prison industrial complex captures humanity at its lowest level of consciousness in several ways: in terms of those who committed the crimes (false sense of alternatives), in terms those who are falsely imprisoned (racism and the  forces behind that practice—Dr. Joy DeGruy: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome), the mentality behind this mode of intervention— (fear/punishment-based: Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now), and lastly, those who financially profit from this enterprise (greed and overconsumption).


VII. SÒrFRa* AdamAlphaOmega (AAo): Sexuality from the KÒre

Celebrating our sexuality(ies) as manifestations of the INFINITE in us,   as us, and THROUGH us. (*SÒrFRa =Sorority-Fraternity)

Within the mission/vision of the KÒmUNITY Transformation Group (KTG) of VAyaLOKALZepi, LLC and in collaboration with, KÒèX is to develop a community of individuals committed to self-actualize their human potential to create positive transformation of the human community in the context of sexuality(ies). The KÒèX program is the call-out for members of the sexuality community, **LGBTQ-SGLAITS-S, etc., to join the conversation of connecting sexuality to humanity evolution.

Having had to make a contrary choice on a fundamental aspect of human existence, members of the sexuality community has to face the centrality of choice-beyond-fear to human existence.  They had to face this at a most profound level.  The challenge facing human society as this point in its evolution, is to make different choices of action despite fear.  And in that process, overcome fear as THE human burden.  The link-characteristics, the bond, of the sexuality community is the experience of having had made a difficult choice connected to a primary life force, sexuality: The choice to be TRUE.  HKP is the technology developed to support in accessing TRUE-ness, on the individual to global.

The uniqueness of that experience of having to make a choice      beyond fear is THE bond, a message for humanity.


Human Kore\KÒmUNITY Process (HKP) …

We have the technology.

We have the methodology.

(**LGBTQSGLAITS = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer-

Same-Gender-Loving, Asexual, Intersexual, Two-Spirited-Straight)


VIII.  KÒrangEls: Art, Artistry and Artist from the KÒre—

Creation of self as primary art form …

Art is the industry most associated the process of creation, capturing the central function of the infinite, to create.  As such, artists hold a peculiar place in the conversation of being INTENTIONall, i.e., identifying as manifestation of the infinite as us, in us, and through us.  KÒrangEls is the project being offered to bring together the community of artist who are taking on INTENTIONall-ity as primary art form.  KÒrangEls as a name embodies, or has imbedded, two other terms: Angels and Orange.   Angels is an obvious reference.  Orange is being denotes an evolution of cultural-consciousness, as in evolution of the blues.



Healing the Wounds of Police Brutality…

When the political becomes personal  is also when the personal becomes political.

Police brutality is front and center in the our focus of societal injustices.  It is a multi-dimensional challenge. KÒpKÒmUNITY (KKP) will address the clinical dimension of this challenge.  We are offering this unique systems analysis:  The clinical challenges are individual, on both sides, and cultural, on both side.

On Jan. 11th, 2021 I had the experience of being stopped by the security guard of my neighborhood supermarket chain store.  I had been shopping there for over 17 years, and I had a club membership. It was mid-afternoon and I had been running errands all day.  I first stopped into my local bank to request and appointment with my bank manager to discuss his bank and my company collaborating on these projects.  I stopped into the food store to buy the ingredients to make a sandwich, thinking that it would be a quick process, only to realize that the line had L-shaped across the front of the store the back of the store.  Seeing that, I deposited my items on a shelf and was attempting to leave. It is in typing this that I am recalling that I did notice the guard noticing me when I was going through the first aisle.  I had no framework to give it importance.

I was close to the exit when he approached me.  I don’t remember if he said anything.  He reached for me or my bag.  I had no idea what was going on.  What I noticed is that put my hands up.  At that point the flooding began.  That period seemed much longer than it must have been.  During that period, I connected with the pain.  The gravity of police brutality in America which stop-frisk is a form of.  I found myself saying ‘Oh, I am getting the full experience.”  I kept repeating that.  By that I meant the full experience of being Black-man in America.  That night I found myself not being able to sleep.  Not sure why I did not feel safe at home.  So, I checked into a hotel for two days.  Two weeks later I found myself hesitating to enter a store in the local mall when I noticed the police officer.  I found myself going to talk to him as a preventive measure that he knows I know he is watching me.

I have been having flash back of the incident whenever I see a uniform-personnel in stores. Yes, signs of PTSD.  This was an attack of the most severe form: the attacker is unseen.  This attacker is both amorphous and multifaceted:  It is structural racism.  I see his face. I now fully appreciate the trauma of having lost my innocence.

I am sharing this because because it is this experience which so confirmed my understanding  to the depths of the clinical aspect community work.  It this personal experience which proved what was until now as a theoretical  position:  My professional mind had been blocking appreciating this level of pain in the community.


Home is where you are stolen from …    

Africa-American Narrative …

Home is where your innocence is stolen from you …

An African-American Reality…


 X. Integrative Psychiatric Medicine:

The field mental health, which includes psychiatric-medicine, purports an integrative (bio-psycho-socio) approach to taking on human challenges from the individual to the societal, indeed, to the global level. However, it can be argued, that while modern psychotherapy touts the principle of “strength-based” it has failed:  One cannot have a   strength-based paradigm which does not include structure of power.  By failing to systematically and rigorously include power in its application, modern clinical science has failed on its own terms.

KÒ/KÒre=Core= the part of us which connects us with each other and with the rest of the universe/multiverse)    ***   Phone: 718-455-3861   ***

567 Quincy Street   *** Ground Floor Suite    ***

BedStuy-TUBMAN Village Brooklyn, NY 11221-1809   ***