Mindfulness: (The Science and Art of Being Present)


As human beings, we are connected to the infinite energy source of the universe. Living, in the present, with the understanding of our relationship to this source, literally, makes everything else accessible. To develop a connection with this source is finding our path to greater accomplishments.


The present is the only time frame in which all four parts of us (core/spirit/essence-body-mind-social) are aligned. It is, also, in the present that we can connect with this infinite source of energy. Therefore, the present is the moment, in which we can truly be fully powerful as humans.


Mindfulness is a bridge for accessing our true human potential, by connecting with the infinite energy source of the universe. In so doing, we then enter into the Core of our being.

To see how to begin this process, view the INTERNAL POWER EXERCISE (KÒfokis)