Humanity Evolution Movement

iCan change the world.

The Power of ONE.  The impact of ALL.

Functioning from the core as the foundation of human culture.


Thank you for being in this conversation.  We are being called into action. And the time is NOW!

To achieve the structure for community transformative work, V-Aya has partnered with Humanity Evolution Movement, Inc, to create KÒmunity Transformation Group (KTG). KÒmunity Transformation Group (KTG): a global community of individuals committed to self-actualize our human potential to create positive transformation of the human community.  V-Aya Institute serves as a business to finance Humanity Evolution Movement – (our not-for-profit partner) and the enterprise.


KTG serves as an umbrella coalition with the aim of bringing people conversation of KÒfokis as a movement paradigm with the objective of activating the local, national, and global conversation of people learning to function from (individual) power, and to provide a structure to do that work. The central thesis is: Society has not taught us how to adequately access and to function from our (individual) power.  We have identified the root-cause, and we are proposing a human technology to correct inadequate accession of individual power. Not functioning from individual power is THE root cause of our ALL our human challenges.

KÒfokis as a paradigm offers the frame to shift movement work.   KÒfokis is the WHAT and the HOW of making those in need the empowered agents with the key to transforming the reality.

There are five (5) keys aspects that makes KÒfokis unique and powerful.

  1. Systems Building– a lot of the community work we are doing are not scalable to take on a system.
  2. Root Cause/Intersectionality– most of the community work we are doing addresses symptoms, and do not address intersectionality, the multiple facets of the challenge.
  3. Build the People–many of us are not function high enough to do this work effectively and efficiently.
  4. Scientific–this intervention is rooted in modern science
  5. Sustainable– this movement can finance itself.


We are starting with six (6) focus-communities:

  1. Bedstuy—KTG*: Building community beyond diversity
  2. BLACK LIVES MATTER: New Black Power…Moving Beyond Black
  3. Humanity&Haiti: Building the Haitian bond
  4. KÒèx: Sexuality from the core.
  5. KÒrangels: Artist/Art from the core.
  6. Faiths for Humanity: Connecting to God beyond religion
  7. KÒmunity Sanctuary Space

*KÒmunity Transformation Group