Artist/Art from the core:

Orange a new color for culture.

Artists play a unique role in society building.  The Artists community has the responsibility of traveling to and from to bring things down to our awareness.  This psychological commute can take its tow.    In collaboration with V-Aya Institute, HumanityEvolutionMovement.org’s KÒRangels program is an invitation to the artists community to intentionally enter and shape the conversation of humanity evolution. We have the human TECHNOLOGY to do this work.

Artists community, often blessed with visionary truths, do not play enough of a directors’ role in present society-building.   In many respect, this craft has moved to being a spectator sport, much to our detriment as a human society.

The goal of the KÒRangels program is to support the development of a new breed of artists to model functioning from their core as living art, and from that societal-director position, to produce their art.

(KÒ = Core = the part of us which connects us with each other and with the rest of the universe)

FREE workshop presentation followed by party with purpose, 4th Saturday 9pm. REGISTER