LèAyisyen: Building the Haitian Bond

Our Ancestors told us WHAT to do: Keep the union

Humanity&Haiti is teaching HOW: Keep LèAyisyen

FREE presentation workshops, 1st Fridays 6-9pm

When Haiti declared its independence, more than 200 years ago, it took the position that anyone who sets foot on Haitian soil, is free. This was in 1804. Haiti was the first therefore to make being free integral to being human. In doing this, Haiti redefined humanity. This is the beginning of civil rights. This is global asylum. This was the brilliance of our Ancestors.

It is also to be noted that not all of those who were key to the Haitian revolution, were born on the island. These two points make the mark: from the beginning, Haiti was about humanity.

Our ancestors left us this one credo: The union makes the force. H&H holds the position that not being able to form a union is THE central challenge facing Haiti and the Haitian Global Community. In fact, ALL the problems that we have as Haitians are only symptoms of this root problem of not being able to form a bond.

H&H is offering a guideline, the how, to build the Haitian bond. Humanity Haiti is a project of In collaboration with V-Aya Institute, we have developed human TECHNOLOGY to do this work.

Essentially, LèAyisyen has two central points: (1) Connecting with our power as humans, and (2) Placing our intention on Haiti collectively AT THE SAME TIME. You can do this anywhere. With anyone. In private or in public. TIME is our most important resource as humans. In doing this, we will be building the Haitian brand by building the Haitian bond. This is SOCIAL CAPITAL, created from our human capital.

Haiti led humanity once. We have the calling and the opportunity that we do it again. Or perhaps more accurately, finish the job we started. But first we must redefine what it means to Haitian. LèAyisyen is a cultural clinic program to do this community healing work: Building the people is THE foundation to building the country.

LèAyisyen has 12 components, we are proposing starting with the first three: *KÒfokis, KÒvesasyon, and KÒjou.

LèAyisyen belongs to the community at large. Own it. Shape it.

FREE presentation workshops, 1st Fridays 6-9pm (note change from 7-10pm). Registration is required.

(*KO = Core = Zantray= the part of us which connects with each other, and with the rest of the universe)

FREE presentation workshops, 1st Friday 7-10pm.  REGISTER.