Dr. Michel Alexendre Sacha Vington, M.D. Founder, Board President and CEO: 

Dr. SachaVi, M.D., is a 20-year resident of Bedford-Stuyvesant, and a life-long resident of Brooklyn.  In 1970 his mother, on a 16hr/day nurse’s aide salary, brought-up the 5-brothers their  homeland of Ayiti (Haiti). With support grandmother (who at age of 65 pioneered our family migration to the US in 1965) we were the second set.  Sisters, eldest cousin, and some neighbor-family were first). They lived in the Brownsville/East New York/East Flatbush area.  Dr. Vington bought the present residence at 567 Quincy Street (BedStuy) 17-years ago for the primary purpose of developing VAyaLOKALZepi Institute, LLC (DBA VayaInstitute.net).  This has been a journey.

Having acquired a keen understanding of the present shortcomings of the disease-based mental health model, Dr.Vington recognizes the need for a paradigm-shift to a health-based mental health approach. To accomplish this goal for changing the science of mental health to being health-based, Dr. Vington has developed the process of Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process (HKP).  With modern sciences like quantum physics, epigenetics, motivation science, and project management as components of its foundation, Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process (HKP) connects the dots from health and human services, to community empowerment to civic engagement.

The beginning of Dr. Vington’s journey of being in service to humanity started during his years at Wingate High School, Brooklyn, New York where is name made it to the service wall.  This is followed by his being inducted in honor society at Columbia College, Columbia University in New York City where he earned is bachelor’s degree with majors in biology and sociology.   Dr. Vington did his medical training was at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway New Jersey.  He completed his residency in psychiatry at New York University/Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City, and did post-graduate fellowship training in public psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center.  With over 25 years of (community) psychiatric practice, Dr. Vington is the developer of Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process (HKP)…The Human Potential Technology. Dr. Vington has taken on the professional distinction of: Societal Engineer: Making the world a better place (with technology).

Dr.Vington is the Founder and Board President of VAya Institute KLINIK P.C. and VAyaLOKALZepi, LLC, and the founding Board Chair of the not-for-profit Humanity Evolution Movement.org.  His enterprise presently is has two divisions: VAya Institute, PC (Medical) and VAyaLOKALZepi, LLC (Health and Human Services).  Combined the two divisions offer a broad range of services including, but not limited to:  integrative psychiatry, mindfulness, community empowerment, and hospitality. His present community empowerment project foci include: 1. Bedstuy KÒmUNITY transformation Group (KTG): Building Community Beyond Diversity—(Health and Human Services, and Civic Engagement); 2. BLACK LIVES MATTER: New Black Power… Moving Beyond Black—From Civil Rights to Civic Engagement, and 3. LèAyisyen: Building the Haitian Bond. Dr. Vington is licensed by New York State and has been practicing psychiatry for the past 25 years.