VAyaLOKALZepi Institute, LLC (DBA: VAya
567 Quincy St. Brooklyn, NY 11221
Phone: 718-455-3861
Fax: 718-455-3390


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  • KÒmUNITY Lounge –Basement
  • VAyaLOKALZepi Institute, LLC –1st Floor Front Suite: Health and Human Services/             Community Empowerment; (
  • AdamAlphaOmega, LLC –1st Floor Rear Suite: (Sorority-Fraternity)
  • Humanity Evolution 2nd Floor Front Suite
  • VAya KLINIK, PC –2nd Floor Rear Suite (Integrative Psychiatric Medicine)


Driving: 567 Quincy Street; Brooklyn, NY 11221


A-Train: Coming from Manhattan / Bronx: Take A: sit in back of A/C train to Utica Avenue stop in Brooklyn. Take D/B train to 59th Street to the A-train; 4 or 5 train, to Fulton Street/Broadway Nassau to the A-train.  2 or 3 train to Park Place/WTC to the A-train


A-Train Coming from Queens/Long Island: Take any train to get to Broadway/East New York Junction. Take A: Sit in front of A / C train to Utica Avenue stop in Brooklyn.

At Utica Avenue Stop: From Manhattan board back of train and from Queens get on front of train, exit at Fulton Park (right) exit: This will lead you out the corner of Stuyvesant and Fulton. This is the Southeast corner of the park. You can take a cab, or walk diagonally towards northwest corner. This places you on Lewis Ave and Chauncey Street.  The Institute is on Quincy between Lewis and Marcus Garvey. You can walk the twelve (short) blocks north to Quincy Street, or you can take the B15 bus on Lewis Ave., to Gates Aves. Gates is one block south of Quincy Street. From the B15 at Gates Avenue stop, walk north half-block to Quincy Street. Cross the street north. Then cross the street left (going Westward) towards the corner store. 567 Quincy is one house after the corner store building.

J-Train to Gates Avenue: Take B52 bus (heading towards downtown Brooklyn) to Lewis Ave.  Follow directions above.

Buses: Brooklyn bus B15 to Gates Avenue. Take Brooklyn bus B25, B26, B38, or B52 to Lewis Avenue. From Buses B25 and B26, walk North12-8 blocks or take B15 North to Gates Ave. From B38 walk South 6 blocks to Quincy.


Suggested Reading/Audible:

  1. The Power of Now, TOLLE, Eckhart
  2. The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, HARTMANN, Thom
  3. Becoming Supernatural, DISPENZA, Dr., Joe
  4. The Empath’s Survival Guide, Orloff, MD. Judith
  5. Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch
  6. Ti Limyè Sou Vodou, Carl Desmornes
  7. I Am the Word, SELIG, Paul
  8. Law of Attraction, ABRAHAM-HICKS
  9. Inner Engineering, SADHGURU
  10. The Green Witch, Murphy-Hiscock, Ann
  11. The Constitution of Liberty, Hayek, F, A.
  12. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, HARIRI, Yuval Noah
  13. Foods of the Gods, McKenna, Terrence
  14. The Pleasure Trap, Lisle, Douglas and Goldhamer, Alan
  15. Silent Spring, Carson, Rachel
  16. Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, DeGRUY, Ph.D., Joyce
  17. White Fragility, D’Angelo, Robin
  18. Firms of Endearment, Sisodia, S. Rajendra; Sheth,Jagdish; Wolfe, David B.
  19. Jumpstart Project Management, Heldman, PMP, Kim
  20. Seat of the Soul, Zukav, Gary