Community University

Coming in February 2018 and with your ownership of this community program, we are aiming to expand the services we are providing to you.  This part of our programming focuses on you sharing your expertise with community.   It is a space for us to groom each other as professionals.  All the activities below are still in their planning stages.  We invite you to help to shape them.  You are also invited to produce other activities which you feel will add to our community commitment.  Let’s build it together.

Monday Movie Night:  We are proposing Monday evening as an evening to come and relax with our neighbors.  We will be showing movies and documentaries which will promote community building.


Community Matters, 6-7:15 (Current events)—We reserve this slot for members of the community to hold meetings on current events affecting the community.

Political table, 7:30-9:00 (elected officials):  We will be inviting elected officials and expert guest to hold discussions with us in areas of interests.

Wednesday:  This is the space where we combine critical thinking, education and fun.  There is a certain degree of literacy in different areas which should be basic.  Unfortunately, too often such “basic information” have not been made available during the course of one’s life.  We have selected some areas (again, your feedback is welcomed here) which we believe we all should have some basic fluency in.  The 6:00-7:30 topics are the staples, with each of those topics sessions being repeated monthly.  The 7:45-9:00 topics are rotated every 12 weeks.  It is to be noted that, the other weekly and monthly presentations on under the “Community Empowerment” tab are technically also staple topics. 


1. Financial fitness, 2. Mass incarceration, 3. Substance use 4. Civic engagement/Voting 


  • Selfcare/ nutrition  5. Other-able 9. Parenting
  • Dancing 6. (Card) games 10. Pets/ Gardening
  • Story telling 7. Vacationing/living the good life 11.Dating/ Social Media
  • Youth journey  8. Wine tasting/ Gourmet treats 12. Senior Care