H U M A N I T Y    =   H U M A N    U N I T Y

Building Community Beyond Diversity.

1st and 3rd Thursdays, 7-10pm.

To unite a block.  To unite a community.  To unite a world.

The call for UNITY, community or global, is POWERFUL in its intention.  However, UNITY can only be realized when the human consciousness can create it.  The importance we we are placing on difference/diversity/race structurally limits  us from accessing our TRUE power.  

More accurately: the present importance we are placing difference and diversity is because we are not adequately accessing the much bigger thing that we have in common, which is the power of humans.  Not being able to adequately access our human power leads to a human culture of, therefore. lack-of-power, which = fear. The importance we are giving to our differences is actually a polished version of the need to create an “other.”

We would like to invite you. Bedstuy residents AND friends, to help to build community beyond diversity by being part of developing a pilot program in community transformation and empowerment.  The goal of Bedstuy—KTG is to make Bedstuy a flagship of community empowerment and civic engagement nationally by developing an empowerment program that promotes individuals functioning from their core so that they can make more powerful life choices.

(*KTG= KÒmunity Transformation Group/        KÒ = Core = the part of us which connects us with each other, and with the rest of the universe.)


We have the human TECHNOLOYGY.  We have the methodology.

Registration Required1st and 3rd Thursday 7-10pm