Mastering life is not so much about reading yet another book…

It is about writing your own life-manual… We can help.


We have moved from the Agrarian Age, to the Industrial Age, to the Information Age.  We have entered the Human Potential Age.  The essence of the Human Potential Age is accession of our human power: Human beings going green. Doing this will entail a reawakening AND living into the understanding that ultimately humans are beings of energy, and therefore power.   In this Age, our inadequate accession of our individual human power makes human beings the most under-tapped resource on the planet. Our disconnection from our human power is THE root of all our human challenges, in one form or another, including our health and human service needs, social injustices, business development, and individual financial freedom. It is this disconnection from our power which leads to the development of a fear-base human culture.  We have identified the root-cause, and we are proposing a human TECHNOLOGY to correct inadequate accession of individual power

From this vantage point, V-Aya Institute is a psychiatric center committed to the progress of Humanity by providing services in the field of integrative psychiatry, mindfulness, community empowerment, and the development of professionals to function as societal engineers–making the world a better place. 

V-Aya’s Mission

The mission of V-Aya Institute is to create technologies and processes that address the present needs of our diverse society by providing the support for individuals to learn to better access and function from their core, and so that they are able to make more powerful choices.


V-Aya’s Vision

Trough the partnership with Humanity Evolution Movement, Inc, V-Aya’s vision is to realize the KÒmunity Transformation Group (KTG): a global community of individuals committed to self-actualize our human potential to create positive transformation of the human community.


Humanity Evolution Movement (HEM)

iCan change the world: the power of ONE, the Impact ALL.

Living from the core as the foundation of human culture


Integrative Psychiatry


V-Aya is unique in providing human TECHNOLOGY, Human Core\Community Process (HCP), to help you align the four parts of being human: Spirit (Core/Essence), body, mind, and social (group, environment, and behavior).


Human Core\Community Process (HCP) is a tool that promotes mind-discipline by providing exercise-routines for the mind, allowing one to better align one’s mind and one’s behaviors with one’s core. One’s core can be regarded as that part of us which connects with each other, and  with the rest of the universe. By being able to more systematically access one’s core, one is then able to make more powerful life choices.


Mindfulness: (The Science and Art of Being Present)


As human beings, we are connected to the infinite energy source of the universe. Living, in the present, with the understanding of our relationship to this source, literally, makes everything else accessible. To develop a connection with this source is finding our path to greater accomplishments.


The present is the only time frame in which all four parts of us (core/spirit/essence-body-mind-social) are aligned. It is, also, in the present that we can connect with this infinite source of energy. Therefore, the present is the moment, in which we can truly be fully powerful as humans.


Mindfulness is a bridge for accessing our true human potential, by connecting with the infinite energy source of the universe.


Community Empowerment: Root-Cause-Analysis/Intersectionality…efficiency in community work.


To achieve the structure for community transformative work, V-Aya has partnered with Humanity Evolution Movement, Inc, and creates the KÒmunity Transformation Group (KTG).


KTG is an umbrella coalition with the aim: of making communities stronger and better – locally, nationally and globally.  We are offering a unique approach to doing community work.  We use a root-cause-analysis approach, and we have human TECHNOLOGY.We invite individuals from all walks of life to join us in building sustainable network-communities based on self-healing and mastery; through integrity, courage, humility, compassion, and commitments, that results in respectful, harmonious physical and emotional environments for the enjoyment of one’s own life’s purposes.


Societal Engineers:

V-Aya invites you to be partners in passion. We are defining and formalizing the professional title of societal engineers: making the world of better place. We are offering the unique opportunity to learn to meet societal goals and address societal challenges from the root cause level using science and human technology. We are offering FREE training by licensed professionals.



FREE weekly presentation/ workshop. Registration Required.