Engagement: Connecting the Dots:  Health and Human Services, Community Empowerment,  and Civic Engagement.

Thank you for considering us.  We are blessed to be in service with you. Our passion and purpose are to support YOU in accessing, clarifying, and manifesting YOUR passion and purpose.


Steps to Manifesting Greatness

5 Principles

  • Power—Infinite: Meditate

  • Passion– Respond with Love: Higher vibration

  • Purpose—Intentionality:  Journal keeping

  • People– Multiple Stakeholder: Tribal

  • Profit– Sustainability: Evolutionary

Meditation, Journal Keeping, and HKP Technology: Meditation is a tool to accessing the infinite, and journal keeping is a tool of intentionality to transmit thought (psychological) to paper (physicality).  HKP is to tool that promotes mind discipline to make more powerfully life choices and execute those choice.

Exercise #1–Intentionality and Consequentiality: Consider 3-5pages answer at the master’s level. This exercise is the beginning of you writing YOUR life management plan, essentially a business plan of your life passion and purpose.  “Professionalizing” our self-mastery our the central purpose.


  • What is your passion and purpose?


  • Are you ready to lead in it?


  • Given your passion and purpose, what is your responsibility, if any, given what humanity is presently facing?


  • What is your (daily) ritual for connecting with the infinite, and is it strong enough?


  • What is your (weekly) ritual to connect with the infinite in community, and is it strong enough?

Suggested Reading/Audible:

  1. The Power of Now, TOLLE, Eckhart
  2. The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, HARTMANN, Thom
  3. Becoming Supernatural, DISPENZA, Dr., Joe
  4. The Empath’s Survival Guide, Orloff, MD. Judith
  5. Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch
  6. Ti Limyè Sou Vodou, Carl Desmornes
  7. I Am the Word, SELIG, Paul
  8. Law of Attraction, ABRAHAM-HICKS
  9. Inner Engineering, SADHGURU
  10. The Green Witch, Murphy-Hiscock, Ann
  11. The Constitution of Liberty, Hayek, F, A.
  12. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, HARIRI, Yuval Noah
  13. Foods of the Gods, McKenna, Terrence
  14. The Pleasure Trap, Lisle, Douglas and Goldhamer, Alan
  15. Silent Spring, Carson, Rachel
  16. Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, DeGRUY, Ph.D., Joyce
  17. White Fragility, D’Angelo, Robin
  18. Firms of Endearment, Sisodia, S. Rajendra; Sheth,Jagdish; Wolfe, David B.
  19. Jumpstart Project Management, Heldman, PMP, Kim
  20. Seat of the Soul, Zukav, Gary
  21. VAyaInstitute.net


*Dr.  ÒKëVi –Prof. Dr. Öugan KWèr Èzili (ÒKë) Michel AleXenDRE Sacha Vington, MD-PhD—ABD Human Potential.

Having acquired a keen understanding of the present shortcomings of the disease-based mental health model,  Dr. Vington had come to recognize the need for a paradigm-shift to a health-based mental health approach. To accomplish this goal for changing the science of mental health to being health-based, he has developed (channeled)  the Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process (HKP) technology.  With modern sciences like quantum physics, epigenetics, motivation science, and project management as components of its foundation, Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process (HKP) connects the dots from health and human services, to community empowerment to civic engagement.

It  is only in putting together this website this time around that Dr. Vington realized that in fact the beginning of his journey of being in services is documented back to his years at Wingate High School, Brooklyn, New York where his name made it to the service wall.  This is followed by his being inducted in honor society at Columbia College, Columbia University in New York City where he earned is bachelor’s degree with majors in biology and sociology.   

Dr. ÒKëVi did his medical training was at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway New Jersey.  He completed his residency in psychiatry at New York University/Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City, and did post-graduate fellowship training in public psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center.  With over 25 years of (community) psychiatric practice, Dr. Vington is the developer of Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY Process (HKP)…The Human Potential Technology.    Our core can be regarded as the faculty which connects us with each other, and with the rest of the universe/multiverse.  Human KÒre\KOmUNITY Process (HKP) promotes the strengthening of human core-rectors, which affords maximization of human potential by keeping our minds receptive to the power of the full flow of core energy.

 Dr. ÒKëVi  is engaging his second doctorate degree, PhD, with the dissertation thesis of formalizing human potential into both an academic and clinical discipline.  Human potential can be defined as accessing the power of the universe which flows within ALL.   Essentially Dr. ÒKëVi’s  private practice endeavors are a department of human potential in the making. Once completed, this thesis will be the first textbook of  human potential.   Dr. Vington is the Founder and Board President of VAya KLINIK P.C. (Medical) and VAya Institute -VAyaLOKALZepi, LLC (Health and Human Services), and the founding Board Chair Humanity Evolution Movement.org (not-for profit).  The for profit divisions are  principal donors to the not-for-profit, with VAyaLOKALZepi, LLC donating no less that 60% of its revenue, and VAya KLINIK PC donating no less than %40 of its profits.   Combined the two divisions offer a broad range of services including, but not limited to:  integrative psychiatry, mindfulness, community empowerment, and hospitality.  

Dr.  ÒKëVi‘s  community empowerment-projects include: 1. Bedstuy KÒmUNITY transformation Group (KTG): Building Community Beyond Diversity—Health and Human Services, and Civic Engagement); 2. KÒèBON—Blacks Living from the KÒre: Black Live Matter(BLM) Operationalized, and 3. LèAyisyen: Building the Haitian Bond. Dr. Vington is licensed by New York State and has been practicing psychiatry for the past 25 years.



A world of beings functioning from the KÒre beyond fear-based “US vs. Them.”

*Dr.  ÒKëVi–Prof. Dr. Öugan KWèr Èzili (ÒKë) Michel AleXenDRE Sacha Vington, MD-PhD (ABD Human Potential)

Integrative Psychiatric Medicine  &  Academic and Clinical Human Potential

Founder, Board President VAyaLOKALZepi Institute, LLC & VAyaKLINIK, PC

Board President –HumanityEvolutionMovement.org

Cell: 917-589-9384;             Email: InfoKTG21@gmail.com;    www.VAyaInstitute.net

*Ougan =   Term of endearment, an OUgan is male being who is living in the consciousness of being an individuated multidimensional manifestation of the infinite, as us, in us and through us in Ayisyen cultural context; Manbo is the female; 2. KWèr = Term of endearment, KWèr is a being who is living in the consciousness of being an individuated multidimensional manifestation the infinite, as us, in us and through us in sexuality cultural context.


Prof.  Dr.  ÒKëVi

Practitioner Industrialist and Societal Engineer–

Making the world a better place with technology.


FREE weekly presentation/ workshop. Registration Required. www.VAyaInstitute.net