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Human Potential: Field of Study

“Human Potential: A core discipline in a world as a global community, and humans as global citizenry. Human Potential … Evolution of Clinical Sciences. ” Dr. OKe SachaVi, MD, June 21, 2020,

Human Potential is the academic and clinical discipline of being manifestations of the INFINITE. The formalization of Human Potential as a discipline can contribute to the catalization of the evolution of humanity by formatting our human and humanity structures to better access who and what we are and to manifest sustainability at a higher vibration.

Manifesting Greatness Courses


The purpose of these courses is to begin the formal structuring of Human Potential as an academic and clinical discipline providing accreditations from elementary to high-school certificates to post-doctoral fellowships.


Clinical Treatment

This course is also integrated into a clinical treatment intervention (Individual, group, family therapy) covering a wide spectrum of clinical condition and diseases. As such, cost may be (partially) covered by your insurance as an out of network expense. As part of psychiatric management, medication can also be included.


Possible Uses:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Staff Development
  3. Organizational Development
  4. Community Development
  5. Business Development
  6. Civic Engagement
  7. Campaign Development


  1. Why take this course: Better access, articulate and manifest your essence and purpose–Take life to a next level, local to globally.
  1. Why present this course to your community? Share the benefits of a scientifically-based tool, systematic language to access and articulate essence and purpose, and effect manifestations INTENTIONALLY, as individuations of INFINITE us, as us, and through us.

Duration: 12 Weeks

Prerequisite: Be


Part: Concurrent Activities

  • Growth Journal
  • Rituals
  • Business Plan
  • Project Journal
  • Academic Journal
  • Readings (See suggested reading below)

Part B: Lectures

  1. Infinity Manifested: Why are you here?
  2. Invest in Self Engagement
  3. Know Thyself Engagement
  4. Culture and Personal Rituals
  5. Motivation Science
  6. Power of Me
  7. Integrative Analysis
  8. Power•Passion•Purpose• People• Passion–5 Principles
  9. Intentional Family/ Community
  10. Globe as Intentional Community; Humans as Global Citizenry
  11. Project Management
  12. Developing YOUR Manifestation Clinic


Lead Facilitator: Dr. Michel AleXenDRE-Sacha Vington, MD                                             Integrative (Community) Psychiatric Medicine Practitioner &                                                        Human Potential Industrialist




Mastering life is not so much about reading yet another book, it’s more about developing your own manual, the basis of which is living it.”

The objective of this course is to introduce you to Human KÒre\KÒmUNITY **Process (HKP) technology, which is scientifically based tool to CLINICALLY access who and what you are, and to develop an actionable (business) plan around that manifestation. Clinically, to develop YOUR life-manifesting (greatness) treatment plan.


Analytical Basis:

LOVE is the basis of ALL, and Fear, inadequate accession of love, is the basis of ALL our challenges as humans.


In doing a gap-analysis of our major societal institutions 1. Family, 2. Educational system, 3. Workplace, 4. Houses of worship/religions, and 5. Sports/entertainment) in their CLINICAL ability to support us to connect to our (infinite) power as human, it has been determined that each of these major institutions are CLINICALLY lacking in their ability to get us to function from our power. In this function, I refer to these institutions as psychocultural infrastructures to put them on par with economic infrastructure and political infrastructure.


HKP Tool:

Human KÒre\ KÒmUNITY Process (HKP) …                                          Technology of Be-DO-have is born in BedStuy-TUBMAN Village, Brooklyn, NYC


Human KÒre/KÒmUNITY Process (HKP)…Human Technology of Be-DO-have. Supported by the modern sciences like Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, and Motivation Science, and Project Management HKP connect the dots.



HKP Scientific Basis: Motivation Science


Life is the Olympics of Manifesting Greatness…

At times is can be very serious, as are the Olympics.

And like the Olympics… Let’s remember, it is still a game.

Let’s make it fun. Let’s do it with technology…one block at a time.

Supported by the modern sciences like quantum physics,

epigenetics, and motivation science, HKP connect the dots.



 WE ALL HAVE A CAUSE: In one form or another, the majority of us share the calling of making the world a better place. In this sense, we are all social workers. In modern context, we are all global workers.

We can DO better, however. When we add technology, we become Societal Engineers: Making the world a better place with technology. This becomes the human journey. And each of us creating her path in that journey is individual destiny.




Course Description:

During this 12-week period you will be provided with the CLINICAL structure to develop the mind-muscle to better manifest your greatness. We will go through mathematics, basic, clinical and social sciences, as well as the application of manifesting your greatness.

A key point of this course is that most of the course-content is coming from you. This approach honors a fundamental pedagogical principle of teaching from inside-out. In that sense the teaching that is being offered is not so much about providing you with external information, but much more about removing the structures, internal and external, that are hampering your ability to access AND manifest



  • Power–Infinite
  • Passion– Co-Connection Consciousness; Respond with LÖve.
  • Purpose–Service to Humanity
  • People– Multiple Stakeholder: “Do on to others …”
  • Profit–Manifesting Sustainably (Project Management/Capitalized/Monetized)

Course Benefits:  It is what YOU make it.

Course Cost:

  1. Group $12,000 and Individual, $21,000-$33,000