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Mastering life is not so much about reading yet another book…

It is about writing your own life-manual.


We can help. We have the human TECHNLOGY. We have the methodology.
Dr. Michel Alexendre Sacha Vington, M.D. is proud to re-open Vaya Institute for the practice of integrative psychiatrymindfulness and community transformation (KÒmunityTransformation Group–KTG). In an effort to better serve our community, we are combining these services in recognition that the mental health illnesses that are costing us the most, both financially and in terms of quality of life, do not necessarily fall under formal psychiatric diagnoses.



Integrative Psychiatry

Vaya is unique in providing human TECHNOLOGY, Human Core\Community Process (HCP), to help you to align the four parts of being human: Spirit (Core/Essence), body, mind, and social (group, environment, and behavior).

HCP is NOT an “alternative” technique. It is rooted in evidence-based practice of cognitive behavioral therapy. It is the application of that approach in a more systematic individual and cultural specific framing.

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MINDFULNESS: The Science and Art of Being Present.

Becoming mindful acts as a mediator between us and our human potential.

As human beings, we are connected to an infinite universe. The personal benefits of developing a connection with our infinite self are vast. Living in the understanding of our infinite selves, literally, makes everything else small.

The present is the only time frame where all four of parts of us (core/spirit/essence-body-mind-social) are aligned, and therefore, the present is the only time frame in which we can be fully powerful as humans. It is only in the present that we can connect with infinite power.

Mindfulness is a bridge in accessing our infinity, and thereby our true human potential.

Community Empowerment

To create the structure to do community transformative work, we are partnering with Humanity Evolution Movement, Inc. to create the KORmunity Transformation Group (KTG).

The Vision of KTG is to develop a community of individuals committed to self-actualize our human potential to create positive transformation of the human community, and the mission of KTG is to create physical /emotional spaces and processes in community that promotes individuals functioning from their core so that they can make more powerful life choices, and to promote the use of resources to support making those choices.

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