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Human KÒre\ KÒmUNITY Process (HKP) 

(KÒ = KÒre = Core = The part of us which connects us with each other, AND with the rest of the universe/multiverse)

We have the TECHNOLOGY.  We have the methodology.


Human Potential: A KÒre  discipline in a world as a global community, and humans as global citizenry.

 Human Potential … Evolution of Clinical Sciences.”  Dr. SachaVi, June 21, 2020,

VAya Institute (VAyaLOKALZepi Institute, LLC)  is a holistic center committed to the progress of humanity by providing  academically and clinically grounded,  culturally competent  and accessible health and human services, supervision and training in the field of  Human Potential.  Human Potential is the an academic and clinical discipline of connecting with our human power in its infinity.  Human Potential is the evolution of clinical sciences.

The industry focusing on clinically moving human society from Cells II-IV to Cell-I of mºTIVAsyon SCiENCE is the structuring of the  Human Potential Age (HPA):

 The 21st Century … Age of Self-Mastery …

Redefining what it means to be human.

You redefining what it means to be YOU.

We are going to go through clinical science, mathematics, and the spirituality of disconnection from HUMAN power as THE root cause of our challenges, and we are going to propose a human TECHNOLOGY intervention, Human KÒre\ KÒmUNITY Process (HKP) to correct, scalable from the individual, to the community, and to the global level.


Humanity at a Crossroad:

These times are an invitation to manifest greatness . . .

Humanity is at a crossroad calling for more than our collective, calling for our synergizing presence …

“WE are the ones we have been waiting for… WE are the hands of GOD.” WE are . . .  Dr. SachaVi, 06/17/2021


HKP . . . The technology of Be-DÖ-have  is born in BedStuy-TUBMAN Village

Brooklyn, New York 11221-1809